by Michael S. Shaw, MSc

e-Learning 2.0: Are we Back on Track Yet?
This short article discusses Web 2.0 and e-learning 2.0 (2006).

Developing Collaborative Online Communities of Practice
This short article discusses the use of proven online collaboration theories and techniques to create a successful CoP (2003).

Contextual and Mutated Learning Objects in the Context of Design, Learning and (Re)use
This short article discusses issues surrounding the description and pragmatic use of learning objects (2003).

The Future of e-learning and Portals
This short article examines how portals are helping to improve e-learning system and process requirements (2003).

The Socio-cultural Design Contexts of Enterprise e-Learning
From LMS's to LCMS's

Two presentation papers from the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC) 2004 conference.

Facilitating Student ICT Projects
An online course created by M.Shaw for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Ontario, Canada in 2002.

An Introduction to e-learning
An online course demo created by M. Shaw in 2001.

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An Introduction to Multimedia using Hyperstudio
An online course originally created in WebCT by M. Shaw for the Higher Colleges of Technology in 1997.

Mike's Educational Technology Glossary
 Over 300 definitions, some expanded with illustrations. Began in 1998, and still a work in progress.

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Mike's Photography Gallery
A variety of images captured over the years, primarily between 1975 and 1990.

Teaching with the Net and Other Technologies (TNT)
An online resourse created by M. Shaw for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Ontario, Canada in 2002.

Integrating Learning Technologies: Defining the Social-cultural, Pragmatic and Technology Design Contexts
A research paper (2001) about developing activities that support critical decisions involving significant financial investments, changing work practices and changes in policies and procedures that require new organizational strategies for e-learning.

Defining a Viable Multimedia Courseware Engineering Approach (pdf)
A research paper (2000) discussing the product, process and management issues for educational courseware engineering.

Networked Online Learning - Working in the New Paradigm
This research paper (1999) examines definitions, delivery strategies, practices and pedagogical issues associated with online networked learning at present and in the near future. It is interesting to read almost a decade later! 

Developing Research and Evaluation Strategies
 This research paper (2000) examines a number of critical factors required for consideration in designing and implementing effective research and evaluation strategies relating to networked online learning and other educational technologies.

Analysis and Design Methods for Advanced Learning Technology Systems
This paper (1999) examines some of the basics and commonalties of the more popular ALT theories and methodologies available in an attempt to demystify the analysis and design phases in instructional design.

Using WebCT in Adjunct/Mixed Mode
TEND 2000 conference presentation on using a WebCT course (developed in 1998) in adjuct mode to introduce faculty and students to the concept of blended online learning.

Cyberquest - Multimedia Adventure Game
An overview of an interactive educational CD-ROM. The prototype was developed in 1997 for the Higher Colleges of Technology.

A Brief Overview of Networked Online Learning
This article (1998) briefly examines the existing practical methodologies and philosophies associated with developing networked online learning material in a team environment. 

Planning Your First Instructional Video Production
A streamlined guide to help you begin producing your first educational video program. 

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