Michael S. Shaw, MSc (ALT)

I have been working in the educational technology field for over three decades in many areas, including K-12 and tertiary education, health care, promotion and broadcasting.

I was born and raised in Northern Ontario, and presently live with my wife and daughter in Russell Ontario, a rural part of Ottawa. I have been working as a full-time Education Consultant with the Canadian Institute of Health Information since 2002. One of my career highlights was working overseas for 5 years, first as a Communication Technology Instructor in Dubai, and then as a Supervisor in an academic instructional media and technology centre in Abu Dhabi.

I was an early adopter of computer-based multimedia technologies in the mid-eighties, and it was a natural move for me from traditional media to new media. During the last ten years, my focus has been on the learning sciences and advanced methodologies.

My skill set includes the following:

  • Designer of innovative learning environments
  • Over 10 years of results oriented management and supervisory experience 
  • Superb multimedia computer skills, founded on a sound, practical traditional media knowledge base
  • Well versed in modern learning theories and practice
  • Established business and entrepreneurial skills
  • Designed and produced hundreds of education/training programs
  • Experienced instructor and faculty trainer
  • Experienced researcher and presenter
  • MSc in Advanced Learning Technology and Multimedia Courseware Engineering;  Certificate in Networked Online Learning; Certificate in Management Excellence; Diploma in Audio Visual Communication Technology

I am committed to lifelong learning at the forefront of technological and human learning developments.

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